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Economy Tools

User Image Admin Shared publicly - Wed 06 May 2020


Economy Tools is a plugin that allows players to have money

players can send money to each other

you can also generate buy and sell signs via my up and coming Economy Sign Generator
this will allow you to build a full on market place where players can buy and sell anything minecraft has to offer

This plugin requires My incrementing ID plugin found [Here] or [Here]

there is a balance trigger that allows players to check there balances 
/trigger balance

To pay a player money

you first set the amount

/trigger pay.amount set 1000 or what ever amount you want

then you run
/trigger pay set #ID of player you want to send

It detects if you don't have money , try to pay negative money or if player is online.

I hope you enjoy this datapack 

Economy Tools

Category Datapacks
Sub-Category Utilities
Theme Modern
Submitted by Admin
Posted on Wed 06 May 2020
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DataPack Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/n1u27whj74qpma3/Economy_Tools.zip/file
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