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Image Entity ID Entity Name
item Dropped Item
xp_orb Experience Orb
area_effect_cloud Area Effect Cloud
elder_guardian Elder Guardian
wither_skeleton Wither Skeleton
stray Stray
egg Egg
leash_knot Lead Knot
painting Painting
arrow Arrow
snowball Snowball
fireball Ghast Fireball
small_fireball Blaze Fireball
ender_pearl Ender Pearl
eye_of_ender_signal Eye of Ender
potion Splash Potion
xp_bottle Bottle o' Enchanting
item_frame Item Frame
wither_skull Wither Skull
tnt Primed TNT
falling_block Falling Block
fireworks_rocket Firework Rocket
husk Husk
spectral_arrow Spectral Arrow
shulker_bullet Shulker Bullet
dragon_fireball Dragon Fireball
zombie_villager Zombie Villager
skeleton_horse Skeleton Horse
zombie_horse Zombie Horse
armor_stand Armor Stand
donkey Donkey
mule Mule
evocation_fangs Evocation Fangs
evocation_illager Evoker
vex Vex
vindication_illager Vindicator
illusion_illager Illusioner
commandblock_minecart Minecart with Command Block
boat Boat
minecart Minecart
chest_minecart Storage Minecart
furnace_minecart Powered Minecart
tnt_minecart Minecart with TNT
hopper_minecart Minecart with Hopper
spawner_minecart Minecart with Spawner
creeper Creeper
skeleton Skeleton
spider Spider
giant Giant Zombie
zombie Zombie
slime Slime
ghast Ghast
zombie_pigman Zombie Pigman
enderman Enderman
cave_spider Cave Spider
silverfish Silverfish
blaze Blaze
magma_cube Magma Cube
ender_dragon Ender Dragon
wither Wither
bat Bat
witch Witch
endermite Endermite
guardian Guardian
shulker Shulker
pig Pig
sheep Sheep
cow Cow
chicken Chicken
squid Squid
wolf Wolf
mooshroom Mooshroom
snowman Snow Golem
ocelot Ocelot
villager_golem Iron Golem
horse Horse
rabiit Rabbit
polar_bear Polar Bear
llama Llama
llama_spit Llama Spit
parrot Parrot
villager Villager
ender_crystal Ender Crystal
bee Bee