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User Image RetroMiner19 Shared publicly - Fri 26 June 2020


Finally, you can create Chairs in only VANILLA MINECRAFT! Simply drop this datapack into your worlds datapacks folder & type /reload to get started. Typing /trigger chairs will toggle Chairs on/off. Once you have toggled Chairs on simply stand on some stairs (ANY TYPE!) and sneak. You will see a saddle appear, right-clicking on the stairs will now make you sit. To reduce lag from chair accumulation if you move more than 5 blocks from your (nobody else's, your chair is linked to you directly) chair it will be deleted. If a player on your world cannot do /trigger chairs than simply type /reload again & they should be able to! This datapack IS multiplayer compatible.

The download will include a barebones (the original version, had to do some digging for this!) of my data library pack (RetroLib) with the plugins Identification and Chairs (obviously, it's what you're looking for!). Chairs is dependent on RetroLib, especially it's permissions system & the Identification plugin.

Please note, this datapack should not conflict with other datapacks. It relies on unique tags given to the entities/players it wants to run commands on. If it does conflict with any datapack, please contact me at retrominer19@gmail.com, with what is happening & what other datapacks you are using & I will make you a fix :).


Category Datapacks
Sub-Category Utilities
Theme Modern
Submitted by RetroMiner19
Posted on Fri 26 June 2020
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