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User Image Admin Shared publicly - Tue 05 May 2020


Welcome to Vote Tools
This DataPack will add some functional tools for you vanilla minecraft servers/worlds.
The goal is help server owners reward players for playing on their servers
The pack will set it self up just drop it in DataPack directory and type /reload

To accept a vote you must set the players scoreboard variable {v_rcon) to 1
you can do this with Vanilla Votifier

Players can trigger the vote trigger and also grab vote links at the ready
you can add or change them inside
You can change the reward given inside
the pack also features a total and monthly voter list you can enable with the command
/scoreboard players set $v.settings v_sidebar 1
And you can disable and hide it with
/scoreboard players set $v.settings v_sidebar.hide 1
I plan to add more features as i go or if requested to do so.

Added a uninstall function to uninstall and disable datapack
/function advocaite:vote_tools/uninstall

Please enjoy the Datapack


Category Buildings
Sub-Category Arenas
Theme Modern
Submitted by Admin
Posted on Tue 05 May 2020
World Save Download No world save available
DataPack Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/q5f9oa4i3diubf5/vote-tools-e1230.zip/file
Download Counter 306 Times

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